Should the UK introduce compulsory vaccination?

Source: The Lancet, 381 (9876) pp. 1434–1436

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Date of publication: April 2013

Publication Type: Comment

In a nutshell: Inevitably, an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease in the UK triggers calls for compulsory vaccination. As of April 17, 2013, 808 cases of measles have been reported in the Swansea area, about 10% of which have led to hospital admission. One young adult who died is known to have had measles at the time, but it has not yet been confirmed if he died because of measles. Large outbreaks of measles have also occurred in northern England, with 865 confirmed cases in northwest England. Measles has a case fatality rate of between 1 per 1000 and 1 per 3000 reported measles cases, and unless the outbreaks are brought to a halt, more deaths will result.

Length of publication: 3-page article

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