Examining inequalities in the uptake of the school-based HPV vaccination programme in England: a retrospective cohort study

Source: Journal of Public Health, (2014) 36 (1): 36-45

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Date of publication: March 2014

Publication Type: Article

In a nutshell: Background Although uptake of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine is high in the United Kingdom, it is unknown whether the programme has been delivered equitably by ethnicity or deprivation. This study aimed to investigate factors associated with HPV vaccine initiation and completion within the routine HPV vaccination programme in the South West of England. Methods Data were retrieved for young women eligible for routine vaccination from 2008/09 to 2010/11 from three Primary Care Trusts (PCTs)/local authorities. Multivariable logistic regression models were developed to examine factors associated with uptake of HPV vaccination. Results Of 14 282 eligible young women, 12 658 (88.6%) initiated, of whom 11 725 (92.6%) completed the course. Initiation varied by programme year (86.5–89.6%) and PCTs/local authorities (84.8–91.6%). There was strong evidence for an overall difference of initiation by ethnicity (P < 0.001), but not deprivation quintile (P = 0.48). Young women educated in non-mainstream educational settings were less likely to initiate and, if initiated, less likely to complete (both P < 0.001). Conclusions HPV vaccination uptake did not vary markedly by social deprivation. However, associations with ethnicity and substantially lower uptake in non-mainstream educational settings were observed. Research to identify reasons for low vaccine uptake in these population groups is required.

Length of publication: 9-page article


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