Vaccines for preventing herpes zoster (shingles) in older adults

May 5, 2016

Source: Cochrane 

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Date of publication: March 2016

Publication Type: Cochrane Review

In a nutshell: Herpes zoster vaccine is effective in preventing herpes zoster disease and this protection can last three years. In general, zoster vaccine is well tolerated; it produces few systemic adverse events and injection site adverse events of mild to moderate intensity.


The introduction of a new preventive vaccine for shingles

November 25, 2013

Source: Practice Nursing, 24 (11), 01 Nov 2013, pp 550 – 555

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Date of publication: November 2013

Publication Type: Journal Article

In a nutshell: Simon Oakley and Adam Goodband look at the treatment and management of shingles and consider the efficacy of a preventive vaccine.

Length of publication: 4-page article

Herpes Zoster Vaccine Effectiveness against Incident Herpes Zoster and Post-herpetic Neuralgia in an Older US Population: A Cohort Study

April 19, 2013

Source: PLOS Medicine, April 2013, 10(4), e1001420

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Date of publication: April 2013

Publication Type: Article

In a nutshell: These findings show that shingles vaccine uptake is low among elderly people in the US and varies between different patient groups. They show that shingles vaccination is effective against incident shingles in a general population of older individuals, including those who are immunosuppressed, and suggest that shingles vaccination is effective against post-herpetic neuralgia… these findings provide useful information for policy makers in countries that are currently considering the introduction of shingles vaccination into routine practice. Moreover, they highlight the need to increase shingles vaccination among elderly individuals in the US, the section of the population at the highest risk of post-herpetic neuralgia.

Length of publication: 11-page article

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GPC warns over future additions to ‘crowded’ immunisation schedule

February 6, 2013

Source: Pulse

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Date of publication: February 2013

Publication Type: News Story

In a nutshell: The GPC has warned that any additions to the ‘crowded’ immunisation schedule need to be very carefully introduced to maximise uptake and minimise the workload on GP practices. The warning comes after the Government’s proposed GP contract deal included two new immmunisations this year – rotavirus in the infant schedule and herpes zoster for the elderly.

Length of publication: Webpage